Friday, January 18, 2013

Herbs: Red Clover/ 香草药: 紅三葉

Another excellent herb that is not only good for woman, it is also great for your dogs and horses.

  • Expectorant / Respiratory problems
  • Diuretic / Blood Cleansing
  • Anti-tumour / Cancer treatment
  • Supports kidney function
  • Strengthens lymphatic functions
  • Anti-spasm
  • Sedative and calming
  • Tonic

  • 祛痰/ 呼吸問題
  • 利尿/ 淨化血液
  • 抗腫瘤/ 癌症治療
  • 支持腎功
  • 加強淋巴功
  • 抗痙攣 (抽筋)
  • 鎮靜和平靜
  • 補藥


You can give 1 to 2 handfuls of flower heads to your horse daily or make a tea.

You can choose our Four Hoofs, which contains Red Clover, for all your dog and horse’s need.  I give 1/8 of a teaspoon x 2 times of Four Hoofs to my small dog.

You can also buy supplement for people and follow the supplement’s direction and proportion the amount to your pet.  I bought my herb at, you can use this code to get discount ZUJ643.


你可以每日給你的馬的 1 2 花頭或用來做茶喝.

你可以選擇我們的海陸草本補充品其中包含大麥草 給你的狗和馬. 每天1/8 茶匙 x 2 次的海陸草本補充品給我的小形犬.

或者你可以買的人用補充品, 並按補充品 份量來分給你的動物.  iherb.com可買到, 您可以使用此代 碼獲得折扣ZUJ643.

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