Monday, October 8, 2012

More on symptoms of Thyroid Disorder 甲型線症狀

In a previous blog, Hyper vs Hypo ; 高 vs 低, we listed some of the classic hypothyroid symptoms.  However, by the time you notice these symptoms, there might be substantial damaged done to the thyroid gland already.  Here are some of the more subtle symptoms that if you noted, please go see your vet:

在以前的Blog中, Hyper vs Hypo ; 高 vs 低,我們提到一些經典的甲狀腺功能減退症狀. 但其實當你留意到這些症狀的時後, 甲狀腺有可能已經受會損壞. 這裡有一些比較微妙的症狀, 如果你留意到, 請跟你獸醫跟進:

  • Weight gain even with reduce calories intake
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sudden change of behavior
  • Suddenly becoming aggressive with no reason
  • Seizures (that never occurs before)
Much of the symptoms are still being research especially related to behavior change.  So if your dogs all of the sudden becomes aggressive, mention to your vet the potential of thyroid disorder.  
  • 減少卡路里的攝入量但體重仍增加
  •  抑鬱和焦慮
  • 突然行為有改變
  • 突然沒有理由地變得有侵略性
  • 突然有癲癇發作(即以前從來沒有發生)
甲型線症狀症狀仍在研究中特別是有關行為改變的病痛. 所以如果你的狗突然變得氣盛,跟您的獸醫提及甲狀腺疾病的可能性

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