Tuesday, October 9, 2012

小心選擇沐浴露! Check your shampoo

呢隻狗差D死左. 各主人請仔細選擇你的狗啲沐浴露!
避免使用有D-Limonene的. 及每次用新野都先用少少地方睇下有無異常反病應
想知多D, 按 link看看video.

當你去帶你的狗去寵物美容師, 記得帶你自己的冲沐浴露.

警告: 細閱讀標籤! D-Limonene 是已知的導致敗血症,嚴重的可以引起危及生命的感染.

This dog almost DIE.  Pick your shampoo carefully!  Avoid D-Limonene. And every time when you use anything new, test a little bit on the skin first to see if there is adverse reaction.
To find out more, click the link to see the video.

Also, bring your own shampoo to the groomer.

Warning: Read the label of your pet shampoo carefully! D-Limonene is known to cause septicemia, a serious, life-threatening infection.


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