Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Photo Contest 萬聖節攝影大賽

老犬心得希望看到萬聖節裝扮照片.  最多 LIKEs 獲勝 !

Senior Dog Care wants to see your dog dress up for Halloween.  The photo with the most LIKEs will win!


  1. 截止日期時間 11月3日 下午六時正
  2. 張貼你狗仔的照片到我們的 Facebook page (Senior Dog Care / 老犬心得)
  3. 標題請註名: "萬聖節攝影大賽贏 堅定 大型犬 關節補充品"
  4. 如果你的照片有最多 LIKEs,  你會贏得 天然 堅定大型犬關節補充品 價值 HK$280
Contest Details:
  1. Deadline: November 3rd; 6:00pm
  2. Post a photo of dog(s) on our facebook page (Senior Dog Care / 老犬心得)
  3. Status please state: “Halloween Photo Contest to win Steadfast Large Breed Joint Supplement
  4. If your photo gets the most LIKEs, you will win all natural Steadfast Canine Large Breed (30 tablets) retails  at HK$280


1) Senior Dog Care / 老犬心得

2) 得獎者請聯繫我們: 將通知您在 我們的辦公室取, 獎品要2個月

3) 比賽僅限香港狗主

4) 比賽僅限成人參加 (18及以上)

5) 勝出的照片將被張貼在 Senior Dog Care / 老犬心得 Wall Paper

Contest Rules:

1) Final decision rests on Senior Dog Care / 老犬心得

2) Winner please contact us at:  You will be notified to pick up your prize
at our office, prize is available for pick up within 2 months.

3) Contest open to Hong Kong dog owners only

4) Contest is open to adult; 18 years old and above only

5) Winning Photo will be posted on Senior Dog Care / 老犬心得's wall paper.      

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