Saturday, October 6, 2012

Letter from Bella

(From left to right) 3 months ago (Jun 2012) and now (Sep 2012)
My name is Bellissima Button.  Call me Bella. 

About 3 months ago, I was a puppy making slave at a puppy mill.  After getting really sick and thin, I was quickly abandoned.  Fortunately, Lifelong Animal Protection (LAP) and Talia saved me. 

At first, I was given to foster parents.  They turned into my real parents after they decided to adopt me.   I  Of course, I love them back.  I have a little brother, Benny, who is another sable Pomeranian just like me, who is also a rescue dog.  We are learning to get along.  He lets me eat his food, drink his water, and play with his toys.   He is quicker than me and teaches me his tricks. 
now have a family that adores me.

In my previous live, I only made puppies.  I lived in a cage.  I knew nothing of the world.  Now that I’m free, there is so much for me to explore and learn.  My feet are healing.  I am gaining weight.  My fur is now almost fully grown in.  I recently discovered that I could have a toy.  I had a treat for the first time.  I now know how to SIT.  I know that if I give my HAND, my parents will be very pleased and give me extra love.   I am overcoming my difficulties walking in open areas, especially on hardwood floors.  Progress is still slow but I am getting better at living in the real world, a world I never knew before.

March 2013
Because I was never socialized properly, I still don’t quite understand what play with other dogs means.  I get confused when my brother chases me and wants me to chase him, but at least I am no longer snarling at him whenever he comes close.  I guess that what dogs with freedom do for fun, and I am learning to relax.

I got lucky.  But many of my brother and sister dogs are still living in cages, in slavery.  They are still making puppies like I used to.  My parents say that if people choose not to buy puppy mill puppies and instead adopt rescue dogs like me, they would be able to suppress puppy mills, give little dogs like me freedom, receive and GIVE love and know what it feels like to save a life. 

If you do choose to foster or adopt a puppy mill dog, your every day will be filled with the sight of seeing a lovely little dog experience freedom and the joys of toys, treats and being part of a loving family. 

Please ADOPT!

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