Friday, August 24, 2012

Poo Poo

因為季節(夏季)問題, 近日比較多狗隻有腸胃不適, 而我近日經常在电話裏談論狗狗啲糞便形狀. 但都學得比較難表達所以就决定寫個 Poo Poo blog. 

Type 1 係便秘
.  Type 3 係好便便及 Type 2 都好好及可幫清肛門線但最好唔係長時間 ... 其餘啲便便就唔正常.  你隻狗係邊 Type.  

Because of the season, there are more dogs having intestinal issues these days.  And, I have been talking much on the phone about the consistency of poo and it is not easy to explain what I think is okay and not okay so I decided to write a Poo Poo blog. 

Type 1 is constipation.  Type 3 is good poo and Type 2 is good too as it helps to empty out anal gland sacs ... for the rest of the types, your dogs might be having digestive issues. 

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