Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I liked Mellow Out and I would use it again 我好鐘意 Mellow Out 我會再用

" ... 我地都知道 Leroy 有問題, 不過最過Leroy會有過於緊張 / 急燥問題.  佢偶爾都有這些問題,但在過去的幾個星期中,  他有更激烈啲緊張 / 急燥問題.  當佢有問題啲時後, 他會在每個人/ 狗的空間.   他會舔我, Plunger 或 Sherman, 而佢係會舔唔停的.  佢亦會跳.  佢會追緊佢啲目標, 呼吸會变得急速, 就好似跟踪一樣.  然後佢會躺在地上,  盯著你, 呼吸沉重.

這是相當惱人的.  因此我決定給他幾滴 Mellow Out. 對於Leroy 的大小我給他6-10滴在他的舌頭. 我選擇了把直接滴在他的舌頭上,而不是他的食物,因為他是很挑食.

我沒有立刻注意到分別, 但在約1/2小時後我注意到他安定下來.  第二天, 我再試了一次,  而又再有相同的正面影響.

我好鐘意 Mellow Out 而我亦會再用. ..."

".... Leroy has issues, we all know that, however recently he has been having overly anxious issues. He goes through these issues occasionally but over the last few weeks they have been kicked into over drive. When he has these overly anxious bouts he is in everyone’s space. He gets into licking modes where he is licking me, Plunger or Sherman and he just won’t stop. He jumps. He will also follow his target of choice everywhere, breathing heavy, almost like he is stalking you. Then he will just lay there and stare at you, breathing heavy.

It’s quite annoying to say the least. So during his last bout I decided to give him a few drops of the Mellow Out. For Leroy’s size I was to give him 6-10 drops either on his tongue, on a treat, or in his drinking water. I chose to put the drops directly on his tongue instead of on his food because he is a picky eater.

I didn’t notice a difference right away but within about 1/2 hour I did notice that he settled down. I tried it the next day and it had the same affect on him. It seemed to take the edge off.

I liked this product and I would use it again. ..."

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