Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to reduce vaccination risks. 如何減低疫苗接種風險

Following our blog posts Adverse Reaction 不良反應  and  Common reactions to vaccinations 常見疫苗反應, where we talked about reactions listed by AAHACV and reactions identified by holistic vet respective, here we would like to talk about how to reduce or avoid vaccination risks if you really NEED to give your dogs vaccinations.

  • Only give what is necessary  
  • Avoid combo vaccine (i.e. 5 in 1), only give one strain individually at a time.
  • Avoid vaccinating dogs  with histories of reactions
  • For your adult dogs, do not give vaccines blindly, follow the latest vaccination guideline and your dog’s needs
  • Do not give vaccine when your dog is under the weather or if your dog has chronic diseases (i.e. cancer, kidney diseases)
  • Do not give your pregnant dogs and dogs in heat  vaccination
  • 只給必要的疫苗
  • 避免組合疫苗(51), 即是每攻只給單獨種 疫苗.
  • 如果你的狗隻有過疫苗反應的歷史, 避免接種 疫苗
  • 不要盲目地每年給成年犬疫苗, 按照最新的疫苗接種方針及犬隻需要.
  • 不要替你的狗避免接種疫苗如果你的狗有任何不適 或者你的狗有長期慢性疾病 (如癌症, 腎臟疾病的疫苗)
  • 不要給你懷孕的狗和正在 "" 的狗接疫苗
  • Make the trip to vet as relax as possible to reduce stress. 
  • Improve your dog's immunity
  • Help your dog detoxify

  • 如去獸醫, 盡可能令你狗質放鬆去減輕壓力.
  • 提高你的狗的免疫力
  • 幫助你的狗解

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