Monday, July 2, 2012

Winner of BEST FRIEND / 每週獎品 好朋友! 冠軍得主

好朋友贏得天然Coat Plus Small Breed 美毛+ 小形犬
Best Friend win all natural Coat Plus  Small Breed 美毛+ 小形犬 

Congratulations!  Winner is Chow Yan Yan, she just won Coat Plus  Small Breed 美毛+ 小形犬 The Pug is "Grand-Ma", 13 years old, don't they look lovely!

恭喜! 冠軍得主家 係 Yan Yan贏得 Coat Plus  Small Breed 美毛+ 小形犬. 

We will be contacting you!

Also see / 其他:
- FAQ on Coat Plus 常見問題
- Fish base or Plant base Omega-3 fatty acid/ 餵來自魚或植物的歐米茄 - 3脂肪酸
- Essential Fatty Acids / 必需脂肪酸
- Coat Plus 美毛+ 小形犬contains high Omega 3 

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