Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More than skin-deep; 不要冶標不冶本

Does your dogs have these issues:  Dandruff, Excessive Shedding, Oily Coat, or/and Greasy Tail,? 
These could be sign of your dogs trying to get rid of toxin.  Treating these issues with shampoo is only temporary and it is necessary to find out the root cause and work from there. 

這可能是你的狗試圖擺脫毒素的跡象. 用洗髮水治療這些問題只是治標及暫時性的, 有必要找出問題的根源及對症下藥.

  • Dandruff and Excessive Shedding: Shedding dead cell is normal but excessive shedding dead cell is abnormal and indicate the body is not balance.
  • Oily Coat and Greasy Tail: Little oil is perfect but too much could mean your dog has waste elimination issue, there could be problems with kidney or liver. 

  • 頭皮及脫毛是正常的方法排走死細胞, 但過度的 脫落是異常現傢, 並表示身體健康 不平衡.
  • 油性和油膩的毛及尾巴: 少許油是正常的,  但太多可能意味著你的狗有消除費物的問題, 有可能是腎臟或肝臟出了問題.
Skin problems should not be taken lightly and it is important to sort out the causes and put your dog's health back to balance.

皮膚問題不能掉以輕心, 重要的是要找出原因 並再度平衡你的狗的健康,

Also see / 其他:
- Probiotics 益生菌 (Many skin problem and digestive issues can be solved by adding probioticsa and enzyme; 許多皮膚問題和消化問題可以添加益生菌 和酶素來改善)
- Essential Fatty Acids / 必需脂肪酸
- Chemical To AVOID 你和你寵物應避免的**化學品**
- Canine: Skin is the first defense! 慢性/長期性的皮膚問題

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