Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More than skin deep (II) 不要冶標不冶本 (續)

Continue from our blog on More than skin deep, we are looking into potential root causes of these skin problems.  繼續我們上次個 post不要冶標不冶本, 現在齊來尋找皮膚問題的根源

Toxin Accumulation
Toxin can accumulated in your pet’s body from poor diet or from the general environment. It could be from your cleaners.

毒素可累積在你的寵物的身上由不良的飲食習慣或由一般的環境污染. 有些可能係清潔劑做成.
Vaccination can lead to immune suppression and lead to serious  (skin) allergy.

Hidden diseases
Diseases that was never cured but was suppressed with medications.

Mood Issue
Your dog could be bored, take your dog for a walk.

你的狗可能太無聊. 佢去街走走.

To resolve skin issues, you need a total health plan to help your dog feels better overall.  A lot of the time, this can be done by starting with detoxification and improve diet.  Remember, you are what you eat, same for your dogs.

要解決皮膚問題你需要一個健康計劃. 很多的時間這可以通過排毒及改善飲食來幫肋你的狗隻. 記住你吃什麼你就是什麼, 你的狗也一樣.

Also see / 其他:
- Probiotics 益生菌 (Many skin problem and digestive issues can be solved by adding probioticsa and enzyme; 許多皮膚問題和消化問題可以添加益生菌 和酶素來改善)
- Essential Fatty Acids / 必需脂肪酸
- Chemical To AVOID 你和你寵物應避免的**化學品**
- Canine: Skin is the first defense! 慢性/長期性的皮膚問題
- More than skin-deep; 不要冶標不冶本

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