Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flower Essences FAQ 花朵治療法 常問問題

How long does it take for the essences to begin working?
On average about 1/2-1 hour.  You should administer the essence at least one half hour before desired results.

平均約1/2-1 小時. 想得到預期的效果, 你應該至少一個半至一個小時之前餵花精.
How long do the essences last?
Up to 4-6 hours

Are the essences safe to use if my animal is on medication?
The flower essences are not contraindicated with any medications or herbs so they are safe to use with medications.
如果是我的動物用藥, 花精可以安全使用嗎?

花精是沒有禁忌的, 使用任何藥物或草藥, 也可安全使用.
Can I use more than one essence at the same time?
Yes, you can use up to three essence blends at one time, within a 24 hour period.

可以的, 你可以在24小時之在同一時間使用 到三個花精.
Can other animals that do not need behavioral help drink out of the same water bowl?
Yes, the essence will only affect the animal that needs the behavioral change. It will not affect any other animal and is perfectly safe to use with all animals.

可以的, 花精只會影響有需要改變行為的動物. 它不會影響任何其他動物, 花精絕對安全的 使用與所有的動物
How long is the shelf life of the essences?
The shelf life is 5-7 years, given the essences are not contaminated or subjected to extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold.  If the essence is not in use for long periods of time you may want to store it in the refrigerator to ensure preservation.

保質期為5-7, 花精用時沒有受到污染或 遭受極端天氣影幫如極熱或冷. 如果唔係長時 間要用花精, 你可能要存放在冰箱中以確保 存使用
How do I know if my essence is contaminated?
If there is cloudy debris floating in the bottle when you put it up against a light source, your essence is contaminated. You should discontinue use of this product.

當你把它放在燈下, 如果花精有雜物漂浮在瓶 子裡你的花精以受污染. 你應該停止使.
What may be a cause for contamination of the essence bottle?
If the eyedropper should touch the animal's tongue or come in contact with saliva, or other bacteria it may bring bacteria into the master bottle when you go to close the bottle. If you feel that possbilbly has occurred, please rinse the eye dropper off prior to closing the bottle.


如果滴管接觸了動物的舌頭或接觸口水或其他細菌, 它可能帶細菌進入主瓶. 如果認為接觸到動物的口腔應冲洗滴管.

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