Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tick Fever 牛蜱熱

Tick Fever is a general term for Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme Disease.  Tick Fever is caused by tick bite that transmits infections.   

蜱熱是 埃立克體病”, “落基山斑疹熱”, 萊姆病的總稱. 蜱熱是由蜱叮咬而傳輸感染

General Clinical signs

- Fatigue
- General muscular weakness
- Anemia
- Loss of appetite,
- Swollen lymph nodes and glands
- Eye and nose discharges
- Fever
- Depression
- Lameness,  Inflamed painful joints
- Organ Problem
- Diarrhea with blood
- Symptoms of kidney failure

-  疲勞
- 肌肉無力
- 貧血
- 食慾不振,
- 淋巴結和腺體腫
- 眼睛和鼻子有液體溜出
- 發燒
- 抑鬱
- 跛行:關節疼痛及發炎
- 器官問題
- 腹瀉及有血
- 有腎病症
  • Many holistic vets think providing your dog a good immune system is the best prevention and usually starts with improving your dog’s diet.
  • Remember that ticks must be attached to your dog for at least 24 hours in order for the disease-causing bacteria to be transmitted from the tick to your pet.  Therefore, daily tick checks and removing ticks immediately is an important part of reducing your dog’s risk of acquiring a tick-borne disease.
  • Groom your dogs regularly and use natural shampoo that can repel fleas and ticks.
  • Wear all natural collar for fleas and ticks
  • Spray your dogs with all natural spray before going out
  • Use all natural shampoos that can  help repel insects especially ticks. 
  • Use Garlic or brewer’s yeast to repel ticks and fleas
  • 許多整體獸醫 (Holistic Vet) 認為幫肋 你的狗達到一個良好的免疫系統是最好的預防方法, 這通常包括由改善飲食開始.
  • 請記住牛蜱必須連接到你的狗至少在24小時才可傳播疾病的細菌到你的寵物.  因此每天檢查並立即取出牛蜱是您預防傳牛蜱疾病的重要部分 
  • 常幫你的狗梳毛及使用可以跳蚤和蜱的天然洗髮水
  • 穿上天然蚤帶
  • 每次出街前幫你的狗噴灑自然驅蚤和蜱噴霧
  • 使用全天然的驅除昆蟲洗髮水
  • 用大蒜或啤酒酵母驅除蝨子和跳蚤

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