Monday, May 7, 2012

Hyper vs Hypo ; 高 vs 低

 有很多人都搞不清楚什麼是甲狀腺功能活 (高甲)及甲狀腺功能減退 (甲).
  • 高甲是當甲狀腺變得異常活躍, 通常高甲主要影響貓隻. 
  • 高甲的相反, 而它是常見影響狗比貓多. 
 A lot of people are confused with what is Hyperthyroid and Hypothyroid. 

  • Hyperthyroidism is when thyroid gland become hyperactive and often it often affects cats.  
  • Hypothyroidism is the opposite of Hyperthyroidism, it is a condition more commonly see in dogs than cats. 

Classic symptoms of Hypothyroid:

- Sluggishness
- Weight gain,
- Dry Dull Coat, Hair Loss
- Slow Heart weight
- Recurrent infections
- Intolerance of cold


- 疲倦
- 體重增加
- 变得 乾枯無光澤及
- 心跳变慢
- 時常感染
- 不能容忍冷天氣

通常甲狀腺功能減退症的狗有免疫系統問題, 今日就幫您的狗加強免疫系統!

Usually dogs with hypothyroidism has immune problems so to avoid thyroid disorder, strengthen your dog's immune system today.

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