Monday, May 28, 2012

Herbs: Cat's Claw/ 香草药: 貓爪草

貓爪草, 是我們 紫錐花+ 的主要成分, 貓爪草以作用藥超過2000年,

Cat's Claw, a major ingredient in our Equinacea, has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years.

  • Immune stimulant and enhancer
  • Boost digestive system function
  • To control inflammation and gastric ulcers
  • It has antiviral and anti-inflammatory function
  • Treats Parvo virus
  • Treats asthma
  • Acts as kidney cleanser
  • Treats inflammations of the urinary tract
  • Helps with arthritis, rheumatism, and bone pain
  • Treats Hip dysplasia
  • Cancer: Clinical studies have shown Cat’s Claw has anti-tumor and anticancer effects on dogs with cancer.  
  • To cure deep wounds
  • Treat dermatitis and other skin disorders
  • Treat cats: FIV, and feline leukemia

  • 刺激和增強免疫力
  • 促進消化系統功能
  • 可控制炎症和胃潰瘍
  • 它具有抗病毒和消炎的功能
  • 治療細小病毒 (Parvo)
  • 治療哮喘
  • 有洗腎功能
  • 治療的尿路炎症
  • 幫助關節炎, 風濕病, 骨痛

  • 治療髖關節發育不良
  • 癌症臨床研究表明貓爪對狗癌症有抗腫瘤 和抗癌作用
  • 治愈深的傷口 
  • 治療皮膚炎和其他皮膚疾病
  • 治療貓:FIV 及 白血癌病


You can choose our Equinacea, which contains Cat’s Claws, for all your dog and horse’s need.  I give 1/8 of a teaspoon x 2 times of Equinacea to my small dog.

You can also buy supplement for people and follow the supplement’s direction and proportion the amount to your pet.  I bought my herb at, you can use this code to get discount ZUJ643 

你可以選擇我們的 紫錐花+其中包含貓爪 給你的狗和馬. 每天1/8 茶匙 x 2 次的紫錐花+ 給我的小形犬。

或者你可以買的人用補充品, 並按補充品 份量來分給你的動物.  iherb.com可買到, 您可以使用此代 碼獲得折扣ZUJ643

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