Monday, May 28, 2012

Diet for dog with Pancreas issues / 有胰臟問題的飲食

If you dog had Pancreas issue, such as Pancreatitis or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), we do not want to burden their pancreas. Pancreas is responsible for digestion and the enzyme release from pancreas (Lipase) is responsible for digestion.  With less functioning Pancreas, digestion (protein and carbohydrate) is affected especially serve for fat digestion, as fat is harder to digest.  Therefore, dogs that has pancreas issue has to go on a lower fat diet and enzyme should be provided to help with digestion in order.  Here are summary of what should be done: 

如果你的狗曾經有胰臟問題, 如胰炎 或 EPI, 我們要減塹他們胰臟的負擔. 胰臟是負責消化, 從胰腺酶的釋放(脂酶)是負責消化. 與胰有問題會影響消化(蛋白質和碳水化合物)特別是對脂肪的消化, 因消化脂肪是比較複雜.  因此如犬隻有胰問題, 我們要幫肋他消化, 如提供低脂肪飲食和酵素來幫助消化. 這裡應該怎樣做的總結

- Feeding frequenter meals and smaller meals
- Lower fat diet
- Provide natural supplement to strengthen immune system
- Add enzyme to diet (such as Lipase)

- 餵少食多餐
- 餵低脂肪飲食
- 提供天然的補充品幫助加強免疫系統
- 添加酵素到飲食(如脂肪

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