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Dog Eye Problem: cataracts / 狗眼睛問題: 白內障

Just like people, as your dog grow older, you will encounter chronic eye problems.  Like most sickness, understanding the different issues that your dogs can face and being able to identify and take action against them you can help your dogs stable or slow down any deterioration.

就像人一樣, 隨著年齡的增長,你的愛犬會遇到慢性眼部問題. 像大多數的病, 理解不同的有可能影響係你狗隻的健京問題, 你可以面對和能夠識別及採取適當的做法去幫助你的狗穩定病恬或減緩任何惡化

What is cataracts?

-          The clear lens behind the pupil becomes cloudy or white and causes vision to worsen over time and eventually to the point of blindness.  To confirm it is cataracts, speak to your vet as the condition can be nuclear sclerosis instead.


-          瞳孔後面的晶狀體變得混濁或白色, 導致視力惡化及最終失明. 以確認它是白內障, 你獸醫了解因為可能只是硬化.
Cause of cataracts?

-          As with humans, dog cataracts is usually genetic
-          Result of injury or stem from chronic disease or immune problems. 
-          Accumulation of toxins in the lens of the eyes
-          Aging, as free radicals attack healthy cells
-          Side effects of diabetics, high blood sugar affects the eyes.
-          Liver issue, Chinese medicine practitioner believe the eye and the liver are linked


-          與人類一樣,狗白內障通常是遺傳
-          損傷或慢性疾病或免疫問題會引白.
-           毒素積累在眼睛
-          老化, 自由基攻擊健康細
-           糖尿病的副作用, 高血糖會影響眼睛.
-          肝問題, 中醫認為眼睛和肝臟是相.
Breeds prone to cataracts

-          Afghans
-          Cocker spaniels
-          German Shepherds
-          Golden retrievers
-          Huskies
-          Labradors
-          Old English Sheepdogs
-          Poodles
-          Miniature schnauzers
-          Springers Spaniel
-          Westies


-          阿富汗犬
-          曲卡犬
-          德國牧羊犬
-          金毛尋回
-          拉布拉多犬
-          英國牧羊犬
-          貴婦狗
-          士納沙
-          士兵格獵
-          白咸
What can be done?

-    Improve diet and digestion in general
-    Increase Vitamin A intake.   Feeding liver (Freeze Dried Turkey Liver) is an easy way to obtain vitamin A, you can also feed carrot
-    Try Ocu-Glo, it has Lutein and many nutrients great for eye health, which are both great for eye health
-    Herb: Give your dog daily dose of eyebright which has been shown to help prevent the progress of cataracts.  You can also find eyebright in our herbal supplement, Equinacea
-    Stop using harsh or chemical eye cleaner, use eyebright to make tea for eyewash
-    Help your dogs detox regularly


-          改善飲食和消化
-          增加維生素A攝入量. 餵食肝臟 (冷製乾火雞肝)是一個簡單的方法獲取維生素A, 還可以餵紅蘿蔔
給 亮眼 , 葉黃素許多營養成分對眼睛健康都有效.
-          香草:每日給你的狗小米草(Eyebright), 小米草被證明有助於預防白內障的進展你可以找到小米在我們的草藥Equinacea 內. 
-         停止使用化學性清潔洗服, 用小米草沖茶洗
-          幫助您的狗定期排

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