Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ear Clear 能殺死細菌或酵母菌引起的感染 Ear Clear kill bacteria or yeast causing the infection


"我們經常看到耳部感染. Ear Clear 是唯一的產品我用過狗狗很喜歡而 Ear Clear 是相當舒緩,而在相同的時間能殺死細菌或酵母菌引起的感染(單獨或與其他外用藥物結合)" Carol L. Falck 獸醫

"We see ear infections quite frequently in South Florida. The Ear Clear is the only product I have used that dogs actually seem to enjoy having applied. It seems to be quite soothing while at the same time able to kill the bacteria or the yeast causing the infection (alone or in conjunction with other topical medication)." Carol L. Falck, VMD, Friendship Animal Wellness Center

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