Thursday, July 11, 2013

不再需要咳嗽抑制藥物. No longer need cough suppressing medications

 "我的老狗狗已有一段時間有咳嗽和呼吸問,並已採用藥物來抑制他的咳嗽. 大約5個星期前,我開始嘗試CoughDrop,令人驚訝他的咳嗽少了(約少了2/3) 而不再需要咳嗽抑制藥物. 我很高興!" ~ Sze Sze, Hong Kong

 "My older dog has had coughing and breathing issue for a little while and has been taken medication to suppress his cough. About 5 weeks ago, I start trying Cough Drop, amazingly his cough much less about 2/3 less cough and no longer need cough suppressing medications. I am very glad." ~ Sze Sze, Hong Kong

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