Thursday, June 27, 2013

貓貓情況有所改善 I noticed improvement in my cat

 "現在用了一個多月 免疫香薰 Lickity Spritzer, 帶頭發病貓貓現時情況看似有所改善, 鼻腔好像好了很多, 沒有鼻塞了, 口亦不臭了, 但仍有眼水及咳嗽, 但咳嗽已沒以往辛苦及沒有咳得那麼久了.
感謝你引入這麼好的物品"  May, 香港

"I have used Lickity Spritzer on my cat for just over 1 month now.  I noticed improvement in my cat that has started the cold, his mouth is better, there is no longer stuffy nose, breath is better.  There is still runny eyes and cough but the cough seems to be bothering her less and cough less.
Thank you so much for carrying this wonderful product"  May, Hong Kong

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