Thursday, June 27, 2013

我強烈推薦 Arf-ritis Pain Relief (關節炎止痛) I highly recommend Arf-ritis Pain Relief

我親愛的Cockapoo 超過121歲人類年齡. 她的關節是有關節炎和不好受. 一年前,我開始一天兩次按摩 AROMADOG Arf-ritis Pain Relief (關節炎止痛)在她的關節.  不僅減輕她的痛苦,這也緩解了她的僵硬. 她認得瓶子,當看到瓶子立即搖尾巴來為她按摩. ARF-ritis Pain Relief, 提高她的生活質素. 我強烈推薦這個優秀的產品。

"My cock-a-poo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle), Sweetie-pie is over 121 in human years. All of her joints are arthritic and painfull. A year ago I started massaging "Arf-ritis Pain Relief" from AROMADOG into her body and joints twice a day. Not only has it relieved her pain, it has also eased her stiffness. She recognizes the bottle and immediately comes for her massage, tail wagging. Arf-ritis Pain Relief has improved the quality of life for Sweetie-pie. I highly recommend this excellent product."

Rev. Dr. Andrea MacVicar

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