Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Improve your dog's health one step at a time 一步步改善狗隻健康

To improve your dog's health, you can simply start with one of the followings:

  • Improve diet and provide species appropriate diet
  • Provide appropriate supplements
  • Encourage detoxification.  Some are confused that if their dogs are having 2 poo a day means detoxification (yes, for short term only), it only mean your dog is getting rid of the solid s/he intakes. Your dog's poo should be in much less volume that the intake as most are absorb to the body.  
Medical Care
  • Follow the new vaccinations protocols
  • Annual or bi-annual proactive check by veterinarian 
  • Do not abuse medications such as antibiotics and prednisone, etc (Holistic Veterinarian believes the over dependence on medication such as antibiotics and prednisone are the main reason why many dogs have poor immunity.) 
  • Learn what diseases that your dog's breed is prone to have
  • Keep a record of your dog's health, you can start with weight first. 

Home Care
  • Provide regular/daily grooming/ check
  • Avoid/Reduce nasty chemical such as fleas drops or deworming pills
  • Know what chemical to avoid and check the labels of your dog's shampoo
Fun life
  • Provide a stress free environment.  Just like people, stress can be detrimental to your dog's health.
  • Regular exercise
  • Play games with your dog to ensure alertness

  • 改善飲食和提供品種適當的飲食 
  •  提供適宜的補品 
  • 鼓勵排毒。有些主人以為狗隻每天有兩次便便就意味排毒 (短期是對的),但這不僅意味著你的狗是擺攝入固體.狗的便便應該是比攝入小, 因為大部分攝入以被吸收到體. 多便便是暗示要改善飲食先

  • 按照新的疫苗接種指引接種疫苗 
  • 度或生半年主動經獸醫檢 
  • 切勿濫用藥物如抗生素, 皮質激素等 (全面獸醫認為過分依賴抗生素和皮質激素是很多狗隻免疫力差的主要原因.)
  • 了解你的狗的品種及容易出現疾病   
  • 請記您的狗的健康, 你可以從體重開如

  •  提供定期/日常梳洗/ 
  • 避免/減少用化學品,如跳蚤水或驅蟲藥
  • 了解什麼化學品有害以, 並檢查用品的標籤
  • 提供一個無壓力的環境。和人一樣,壓力可能會損害您的狗的健康。 
  • 有規律的運動
  • 與你的狗玩遊戲,以確保腦話動


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