Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I recommend Steadfast! 我推薦堅定犬!

"...我最近測試堅定犬在我最愛的狗,Tucker. 他一直飽受膝蓋問題,現在快一年了. 這個冬天,我正準備花費超過千元做膝蓋手術作為最後的方法. 教練建議我試堅定犬洗. 字不可以形容我有多麼滿意效果. 由於他的傷勢領Tucker生活質素大幅下降. 他已沒有跑,玩,及我要把他搬上樓梯. 用了堅定犬大約兩個星期,我開始注意到他變得更加活躍,他的眼睛亮了起來,當我再次問他,如果他要開工,他的腳步有點氣勢. 在大約三過期左右他開始跳在我身上. 雖然不鼓勵這種行為,我很高興再次看到他這樣有動力. 不久後,我發現他在院子裡追逐我的 Malinois犬! I was SOLD. 已經過了兩個月,Tucker開始再次抓飛碟, 他已很久沒有這樣做. Tucker 對我很重要, 堅定犬幫他得到新世界. 如果你有老犬或容易出現關節問題的品種,或只是想提高你的狗的健康,我建議堅定犬...." ~ Sit Means Sit Training

"... I recently had the chance to test out Steadfast on one my favorite dogs in the world, Tucker. He has been suffering from a knee problem for almost a year now. This winter I was prepared to spend well over one thousand dollars to have surgery done on his knee. As a last resort I tried steadfast at the suggestion of another Sit Means Sit Trainer. I don’t think words can describe how happy I have been with the results. Since his injury Tuckers quality of life had decreased tremendously. He did not run, play, and there were times I had to carry him up the stairs. About two weeks into using Steadfast I started noticing he was getting more active, his eyes lit up again when I would ask him if he wanted to go to work, and he was getting a little pep in his step. At around week three he actually jumped on me when I cam home from work. Although that behavior is not encouraged, I was thrilled to see that kind of mobility again. Shortly after I found him chasing my Malinois around the yard! I was sold. It has been over two months since I started Tucker on Steadfast and today he actually caught a Frisbee again, something he has not done in a long time. My dog Tucker means the world to me and steadfast has made a huge difference in his life and mine. If you have an older dog, a breed prone to joint problems, or just want to improve your dogs health I can’t recommend Steadfast enough.... " ~ Sit Means Sit Training

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