Wednesday, October 17, 2012

STEADFAST made big difference 堅定犬幫肋很大

“我有一隻12磅的臘腸犬, 一年前她有一個破裂的脊椎盤令到她的後腿失去感覺. 她現在用輪椅再次學習走一點路. 一個月前我開始給她堅定犬,堅定犬為她創造了新世界. 她能步行多一點而晚上當她累了也沒有呻這麼多.  我簡直不敢相信,堅定犬幫我的 Cher 這麼多."

"I have a 12 lbs Dachshund. She had a ruptured disk that took away feeling in her rear legs a year ago. She is now in a cart, and learning to walk a little again. I started giving her Steadfast a month ago and it has made a world of difference for her. She is walking a little more and not moaning so much at night when she is tired. I cant believe that STEADFAST has made this big of a difference for my Cher. " - Lynette R.

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