Monday, October 22, 2012

Dental Health 牙齒健康

As you might already know, having good dental health is vital to your dog's general health.  So have you been brushing your dog's teeth often and want an additional boost to help improve your dog's breath and dental health?

你應該可能已經知道,有良好的牙齒健康對你的狗的一般健康是非常重要的. 所以你已經常刷你的狗的牙齒而會想有額外的 Tip 幫助改善你的狗的口氣和牙齒的健康嗎

Recent research has shown that coconut oil could help fight the main bacteria behind tooth decay.  So to improve your dog's dental health, rub coconut oil on your dog's gum and brush their teeth with coconut oil.  You can also choose to make your own coconut oil tooth paste, see Canine: Home made chemical free Tooth paste / 自製無化學牙膏
But we believe, the best way for your dog to maintain dental health is to have an "optimal" diet, as discussed frequently in our blog.

最近的研究發現,椰子油可以幫助對抗蛀牙的背後的主要細. 因此為了提高您的狗的牙齒健康,你可在你的狗的牙齦擦上椰子油,也可用椰子油刷牙. 您也可以選擇讓做自己的椰子油牙膏Canine: Home made chemical free Tooth paste / 自製無化學牙膏

但是我們相信要保持你的狗牙齒健康的最佳方式是有一個 最佳的飲食習慣, 經常在我們的 Blog 討論.
When you choose Coconut oil it is important to choose based on:
  • Non GMO
  • Raw
  • Virgin
  • Organic
  • Cold Pressed  
  • Unrefined

You can buy it at most organic store or large supermarket. I bought my herb at, you can use this code to get discount ZUJ643 
您可以在大多數有機商店或大型超市購買。.  iherb.com可買到, 您可以使用此代碼獲得折扣ZUJ643

Also see / 其他: 
- 初椰子油的好處/ Benefits of "virgin" coconut oil
- Canine: Home made chemical free Tooth paste / 自製無化學牙膏

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