Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dull Coat? You need CoatPlus 毛無光澤? 你需要美毛+

CoatPlus contains Omega-3
"...我們由春天開始加 美毛+ 補充品, 並很快見到毛有改善. 隨著暑期游泳時間的增加, 他的毛能仍保持亮澤及健康.亦沒有任何乾燥及發癢的問題, 我相信Tanner的皮膚和毛髮是非常的健康因為他是一隻不能不沒有游泳的狗. 我很快就發現自己購買更多美毛+產品, 將會繼續包括在Tanner的早餐作為一種獎品到他的飲食和他的毛...."

"... We started this supplement in Spring and quickly noticed an improvement. With Summer swimming time increased, he has still managed to maintain a shinier, healthier coat. Without any dry, itchy problems, I believe Tanner's skin and coat are as healthy as they can be for a dog who couldn't live without a daily swim. I soon found myself ordering more product and will continue to include this in Tanner's breakfast dish as a treat to his diet and his coat. ..."  By Carrie, All Things Dog Blog

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