Monday, September 17, 2012

Diet, Exercise, Immunity! 飲食,運動,免疫力!

Got a message regarding a dog getting allergic from a client today, and I think allergic reaction is telling you that your dog's immune is suppressed or the body is detoxing (for dogs under healthier program).  If you want a healthier dog, you will have to look at the whole thing.  

今日收到客人話狗隻敏感的消息. 我認為過敏性反應是告訴你,你的狗的免疫系統受抑制 或 身體排毒 (如你的狗正在進行健康改善計劃).  如果你想要一個健康的狗,你要看全套! 

Diet - what you eat is what you are!    
飲食 - 你吃什麼, 你就是什麼!
  • Imagine if you have to eat dry packaged food that was heated in an extremely high temperature every day, how would you health be like?  
  • How about foods that never go bad?  Do you think they would be easy to digest?
  • How about foods that are constantly recall because it can be endanger to human health?
  • Yes, dry packaged food can be less expensive and more convenient but how about the vet bills that follow? 
  • Does your dog vomit often or having digestive problems all the time?
  • Give your dog a specie appropriate diet is the first step to good health.

  • 試想一下,如果你要每天吃非常高的溫度下煮的包裝幹糧,你的健康會係点? 
  • 還有這些食物從來不易变壞的? 你認這些會很 容易食物對消化嗎? 
  • 經常聽到狗量被收回因為可以危害人類健康? 
  • 係亞,包裝幹糧可以是比較便宜, 但日後獸醫費又如何?  
  • 你的狗是否經常嘔吐或有消化問題? 
  • 給你的狗一個適當的飲食是身體健康的第一步.

Exercise - Use it or Lose it
有規律的運 - 唔用就变無用
  • "If you do not build muscle, you will lose muscle" .  Same go for your dogs!  
  • Depends on age, size and types, all dogs need exercise, it is not just good for their physical health, it is also important for their mental health.  Be a responsible owner, walk your dog everyday! 
  • In many past postings, we mentioned the important of exercise and letting your dogs go outside (from vitamin D intake to encouraging health digestion and bowel movement).  
  • Imagine, you are in your apartment all day every day and only got to go outside on Sunday, how would you feel?  Over excited when you go out?  Over tired after returning from your walk?  
  • With exercise, muscle tone should be good to help supporting all the joints.

  • "如果不建立肌肉,你就會失去肌肉.”你的狗亦都係一樣 
  • 取決於年齡, 類型大小, 所有的狗都需要運動, 運動不只對他們身體健康, 對他們的心理健康 也是重要的. 做一個負責任的主人, 每天按排你的狗出街運動 
  • 在許多過去的 blog , 我們都提讓你的狗去外面運動的重要(由維生素D的攝入到鼓勵腸胃健康及排便).
  • 試想一下每一天你在你的住所整天,及只能在週日到外面去,你會有何感想? 過度興奮? 當去完之後, 過度疲累
  • 鍛煉肌肉, 健康有力的肌肉可以幫助支持所有的關節.

Good Immune system
  • Having allergy? Yeast infection? Seizure? and Thyroid issues? Eye problems?  Ear infection? Digestive problems? ..... (many more)
  • Are you suppressing your dog's immune system by giving medications?
  • With a good immune system, your dogs can deal with many of the issues on their owns. 

  • 有過敏嗎? 酵母感染?癲癇? 狀腺問題? 眼睛有問題? 耳部感染? 消化問題嗎?(更多更多).
  • 給予藥物抑制你的狗的免疫系統嗎? 
  • 有了一個良好的免疫系統,你的狗可以處理其擁有的許多問題.
General body health 
  • With balance diet and regular excise, body weight should be optimal
  • Dental health, extremely important for your dog's health. 
  • The heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other organs should be working efficiently.

  • 有平衡飲食和規律的運, 體重應該是最佳的.
  • 牙齒健康對您的狗的健康非常重要.
  • 心臟,肺,腎臟,肝臟和其他器官的工作效率

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