Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy with Steadfast Canine 很高興用了堅定犬

"I have my 12 year old Welsh Corgi on Steadfast Canine for the past 3 years. He has severe arthritis in both front paws. He does wonderfully on the Steadfast. I have noticed a remarkable difference of when he is taking it and when he is not. It has delayed his taking strong prescription medications for his stiffness. I am now putting my horse on the Steadfast Equine, hoping it has the same effects on him! Would recommend this product!"  by jetpilot510, Mandeville, LA (from Smartpak review)

“我的12歲柯基犬已用了堅定犬去3年了. 他有兩個前腳有嚴重的關節炎. 用了堅定犬他確實奇妙地好了. 我注意到了當用了堅定犬及唔用時的顯著差異. 因有堅定犬, 我們可川推遲採用強力的處方藥. 因此我現在也把堅定馬比我的馬,希望他有相同的效果! 我推薦此產品!

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