Monday, August 20, 2012

Clear Thinking makes all the difference 結果直接顯示在分數

Molly Mills, Eventer

"要熱馬能迅速適應新的環境是極具有挑戰性的, 特別當我們出去上堂. 經過用了少量 Clear Thinking - 思維清晰後, 我的馬, Tonka,立即放鬆.  我們甚至可以比平時短時間內熱身,我們騎得很平靜而很服從的測試.  我們甚至得到了出色的盛裝舞步賽成績和裁判稱讚我的馬是多麼有注意. Clear Thinking - 思維清晰,另我的馬變得放鬆及更有專注力 ... 結果直接顯示了在我們的分數!"

"With a hot mare it can be challenging to quickly adapt to new surroundings, especially at a clinic. After a small amount of Clear Thinking, my horse, Tonka, immediately relaxed and took her head out of the clouds.  Even with a shorter than normal warm-up, we had a lovely ride with very calm, submissive tests.  We even got excellent dressage scores and the judge complimented how attentive my horse was. Clear Thinking makes all the difference in the world when it comes to having my mare relax quickly and pay attention, and it shows up in our scores!"  Molly Mills, Eventer, Maynard MA

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