Sunday, July 29, 2012

Steadfast gives my old dog energy 堅定犬令老犬更有活力

From Healthy Companion e-Newsletter
"I started Heidi, my 11 year old lab, on STEADFAST Canine 11 days ago. Although it is still too early to tell what kind of lasting effects it may have, I have been really surprised at the changes I've already seen in Heidi. Before starting STEADFAST, Heidi was very lethargic and only got up long enough to eat, drink, or ask for an occasional petting. After just 11 days on the product, Heidi is obviously more energetic and actually starts her day with a bounce in her step that I haven't seen in years!"  - Virginia A. (Castlerock, CO)

“我11日前開始堅定我隻11歲的拉布拉多, Heidi.  雖然是為時過早去確認堅定犬持久的影響但我已經很驚訝!  我已經看到 Heidi 用了堅定的變化. 之前 Hendi 常昏昏欲睡, 只有足夠時間吃和喝及要求摸, 但經過短短11曰用了堅定的產品, Hendi 顯然更有活力. 她早上會跳來跳去, 我之前已多年不見他這樣!“

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