Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cancer Prevention 預防癌症

There are more and more pet with cancer issues today.  There is no magical way of living that can prevent cancer but there are ways that are believed to lower the risk of cancer for your dogs.

今時今日, 越來越多寵物癌症問題.  沒有神奇的方式可以預防癌症, 但也有被認為可降低患癌症的風險方式, 請參考以下:

  • Spraying your female dogs can reduce the risk of mammary cancers (this view is being challenge now)
  • Neutering your dogs can also help reduce the risk of testicular type cancer (this view is being challenge now)
  • Minimize vaccine exposures for your adult dogs.  Core vaccines are to be given every 3 years or more.

  • Reduce exposure to chemical (i.e. household cleaner)
  • Reduce chemical that we pour onto our dogs (i.e. chemical fleas controls)
  • Add anti-oxidant to diets to fight free radicals.
  • Stay away from foods that contains chemical additives. 
  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve your dog's immune system
  • Provide your dog with good nutrition and regular exercise 
  • Don't let your dog become overweight 
  • Conduct detoxification regularly
  • If your dogs have light skin, you should limit their sun exposure
  • Groom regularly and use grooming time to examine your dogs. 
  • Brushing your dog's teeth regularly
  • Reduce stress
  • 絕育可以減低你的雌性犬乳腺腫瘤風險  (這個觀點現在面臨的挑戰)
  • 絕育可以減低你的雄性狗睾丸風險 (這個觀點現在面臨的挑戰)
  • 盡量減少成年犬接維疫苗.  給予核心疫苗每3年或以上

  • 減少接觸化學品(即家用清潔劑
  • 減少化學品狗隻身上化學跳蚤控制
  • 添加抗氧化劑到飲食減少自由基
  • 遠離含有化學添加劑的食品
  • 減少炎症

  • 提高您的狗的免疫系統
  • 提供良好的營養經常跟你的狗運動
  • 不要讓你的狗成為超重
  • 你的狗定期進行排毒
  • 如果你的狗皮膚薄, 你應該限制他們陽光下暴晒
  • 定期幫你的狗梳洗及利梳洗時間來檢查你的狗狀況.
  • 定期幫您的狗刷齒
  • 減低壓力

Supplements/ 補充品

"Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to inhibit tumor growth as well as the spread of cancer (metastasis)." *
歐米加-3 脂肪酸 已被證明能夠抑制腫瘤的生長 和癌細胞的擴散(轉移)
"Probiotics may protect the bowel from cancer" *

*Reference: Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs, Shawn Messonnier, DVM

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