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Stool eatting 食便便

最近我經常被問關於狗仔大便的問題. 食糞便最糟的是 你的狗吃完便便然後給嘴嘴你. :)

I have recently been asked a few times about stool eating.  The worst part of stool eating is having your dog kiss you on the lips after they eat their poo. :)


1)無聊 - 你的狗覺得玩及吃
大便是樂趣, 這該為他的遊戲的一部分.  你只需經常帶你的狗去玩及同佢玩就可以.
2)消化和營養的問題 - 這是最有可能的原因. A)
消化不良 或 B) 缺乏某些營養素(如維生素B1,維生素B2等).  未能妥善消化食物原因,  Nancy Scanlan, DVM有時候狗不產生足夠的消化酶/ 酵素  ......似乎好奇,但這些狗都被迫吃自己的糞便,  因為糞便包含了他們所需要的消化酶/ 酵素 - 一個噁心回收系統."

There are basically two main reasons why your dogs would eat stool.

1) Boredom - your dog find it fun and it is part of a game for him/her.  Exercise and play with your dogs more often.

2) Digestive and nutritional issue - this is the likely reason why your dog is eating stool.  It could cause by a) not being able to digest food properly or b) lacking certain nutrients in their diet (such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, etc.).  For not being able to digest food properly, per Nancy Scanlan, DVM, "Sometimes dogs don't produce enough digestive enzymes ... it seems curious, but these dogs are compelled to eat their feces because it contains the digestive enzymes they need - a kind of disgusting recycling system."


- 食品: 未煮過食物有他們自然的消化酵素, 這些酶素使消化更容易. 但狗糧因為經遏非常 高溫度煮過, 他們沒有自然 的消化酶素.

- 藥物和疫苗接種: 它可以影響消化道的 友好細菌”, 並影響消化(見 Probiotics 益生菌)
- 老化

- 壓力也影響消

What can affect digestion?

 - Food: Uncooked food naturally has digestive enzyme in them and makes digestion easier.  Kibble, which cooked at very high temperature, do not have enzyme.

- Medications and vaccinations: it can affect the "friendly bacteria" in the digestive tract and affects digestion (see Probiotics 益生菌)

- Aging

- Stress can also affect digestion


- 添加益生元, 益生菌, 酵素到飲食 (見我們 PrePro 消化寶,它有齊三種要素)

- 給你的狗木瓜, 木瓜有木瓜酵素

- 改變到未煮過飲食

- 讓你的狗吃乾淨和非污染的草和雜草 (在香港可在哪裡找到?

How do we improve digestion?

- Add Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Enzyme to diet (see our PrePro, it has all three elements)

- Give your dog Papaya which has papain

- Change to raw diet

- Let your dog graze on "clean" and non-polluted grasses and weeds (where do you find this in Hong Kong?)


- 加雞蛋(特別是蛋), 中形犬可每個星期 23隻雞蛋

- 加魚

- 飲食中添加小麥胚芽

- 添加肝

- 添加藥草飲食,如紫花苜蓿,蕁麻

- 可以使用B50 (選擇一個有葉酸和不含有防腐 劑, 色素或調味


Lacking vitamin B1 and B2

- Feed Eggs (especially egg yolk), medium size dog 2 to 3 eggs per week.

- Feed Fish

- Add Wheat Germ (not wheat germ oil, which is also great for your dog)  to diet

- Add Liver to diet

- Add herb to diet such as alfalfa and nettle

- Can use B-complex 50 (choose one with folic acid and does not contain preservative, coloring or flavoring)

Excess vitamin B is expel from the body. 

Also see / 其他:
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