Friday, May 18, 2012

Herbs/ 香草药: Rosemary/迷迭香

A herb that you encounter often, do you know its benefits?


- 抗發炎
- 高抗氧化劑
- 舒緩消化
- 緩解土氣
- 增強記憶力
- 對心臟, 肝臟和眼睛好
- 護髮Tonnic, 可改善頭髮和毛質
- 刺激食慾
- 驅除蝨子和 跳蚤 ()
- 減輕肌肉酸痛
-洗頭用時能 治療頭痛


- Anti-inflammatory
- High Antioxidants
- Soothing digestion
- Relieve Gas
- Enhance memory
- Good to heart, liver and eyes
- Hair Tonic, it improves hair and coat quality
- Stimulates appetite
- Repel ticks and fleas
- Great for sore muscles
- Cure headache for people when use as hairwash




使用我們的不再痛草本按摩液按摩你的狗 或馬

- 加入1茶匙迷迭香到2,最少10. 使用它作為你的狗洗澡最後沖洗濟.

使用我們的不再痛"按摩洗髮沐浴, 其中包含迷迭香負載為您的狗的淋浴或浴缸或洗你的馬。
Use Externally

- Use it in your aromatherapy, it has calming effect.

- Use a bit of Rosemary Oil to massage your dog to help relax muscle

- Use our Sore No More Liniment to massage your dog or horse

Bath/ Shower
- Add 1 teaspoon of dried rosemary with 2 cup of boiling water, let it sits for 10 min.  Use it as a final rinse of your dog’s bath.

- Use our Sore No More Massage Shampoo, which contains loads of Rosemary for your dog’s shower or bath or for washing your horse.   


加入迷迭香香草到飲食. 給馬每天15, 1/8 給您的狗.

- 加入任開了的油作為抗氧化劑

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Use Internally

- Add dried rosemary herb to diet, 15 grams for your horse a day or 1/8 teaspoon for your dog a day.

- Add a pinch to any open oil to work as antioxidant .

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每當你給新的東西給動物, 外服或內服, 首先加少許然後再加需要的劑量.



Whenever you are giving something new to your animal, externally or internally, give a little at first and increase the dosage as you are sure your animal will like it.

Do not use if pregnant.

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- Sore No More Liniment / 不再痛草本按摩液
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