Friday, May 11, 2012

Herbs: Equinacea / 紫錐花

另一個超級驚人的藥材,紫錐花它是由紫錐花來的, 內服紫錐花促進傷口癒合和皮膚過敏癒合它有助於提高一般免疫系統

Another super amazing herbs, Echinacea or Equinacea, it is derived from the purple coneflower, echinacea taken orally promotes healing of wounds and skin irritations and it helps boost general immune system.


- Boosts immune system
- Promotes healing of cuts
- Promotes healing of skin irritations
- Protects from and fight infections
- Fights cold and allergy condition
- Treating chronic respiratory infections
- Treating stomatitis
- Treating urinary infections


- 增強免疫系統
- 促進傷口癒合
- 促進皮膚過敏癒合
- 保護和抵抗感染
- 戰鬥感冒和過敏狀況
- 治療慢性呼吸道感染
- 治療口腔炎
- 治療泌尿系統感染

- Part Use: Roots

- Horse can have 10 to 20 grams a day and dogs can have 1g for every 10 kilograms. 

-  Or you can choose our Equinacea for all your dog and horse’s need.  I give 1/8 of a teaspoon x 2 times of Equinacea to my small dog.

- Or you can buy supplement for people and follow the supplement’s direction.  I bought my herb at, you can use this code to get discount ZUJ643 


- 使用部分​​根

-馬可有一天食1020, 狗可以10公斤重量 食1.

          - 或者你可以選擇我們的 紫錐 給你的狗和馬. 每天 1/8 茶匙 x 2 次的紫錐 給我的小 形犬狗

- 或者你可以買的人用補充品, 並按補充品份量.  iherb.com可買到, 您可以使用此代碼獲得折扣ZUJ643 

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