Friday, April 27, 2012

Sore No More Liniment / 不再痛草本按摩液

"拉布拉多易患髖關節發育不良及往往是有點重.  Toby 都有這兩種問題, 及他以往經常有在拖拉機跳躍及跳上, 這些跳躍的生活, 在他的晚年很明現! 

在過去的幾年中,我們餵 Toby,13歲老的拉布拉多, Cortaflex 及讓他穿著磁療圈.  這些都很有用, 但在寒冷的天氣下, 他會更難走上走落及非常明顯的跛.  

所以我很驚訝看到前幾天走路比較正常多及容易.  我問我的父親, 有沒有注意到Toby走路比正常及容易.  原來父親幫 Toby 臀位一天兩次不再痛草本按摩液 Sore No More Liniment.  我們都常有 不再痛草本按摩液 Sore No More Liniment在,  我的父親留意到當他幫馬搽的時他自己的手也好了.  所以他決定嘗試幫 Toby搽,我們很高興他決定嘗試因 Toby 比之前健全和快樂!

"Labradors are predisposed to having hip dysplasia, and entire dogs tend to be a bit heavier. Toby suffers both of these fates and he has had a life of jumping in and out of tractors which shows now in his later life!

For the last few years we have had our 13 year old Labrador on Cortaflex and he always wears his Equine Magnetic Therapy collar.  These have kept him going well, but with the colder weather he finds it more difficult to get up and down and walks with a very pronounced limp.

With this in mind I was amazed to see him a few days ago walking further than normal and with so much more ease.  I asked my Father in Law if he had noticed, and it turns out that he had been rubbing Sore No More into his hip area twice a day.  We always keep Sore No More on the yard for the horses and he was amazed how it freed up his own hand when applying it to the horses.  He decided to try it on Toby, and we are glad he did as Toby is much sounder and happier! "

Sarah Gordon-Jones Horsefair Ltd. UK

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