Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lame dog ... no more / 拉傷肌肉而酸痛

昨天在我家苦住的狗特然沒理由下 "跛跛" 的, 她不停地拿起她的左後腿. 我們試圖檢查它是否是膝蓋的問題但它似乎不是, 於是我們試按摩她,但沒有作品......我們大惑不解. 

幾個小時後,她仍是"跛跛"的, 所以我決定用 "不再痛" 草本按摩露 (Sore No More Gelotion), 我曾多次成功地用在馬, 狗和自己.  我很輕力地按摩他的膝蓋和肌肉,她很喜歡和她能夠伸展自己的腿 ... 猜之後怎樣?

按摩後她起身喝了些水, ,她不再是跛腳像以前一樣. 我猜測她是拉傷肌肉而酸痛, "不再痛" 草本按摩露 (Sore No More Gelotion)和按摩有助於肌肉放鬆, 幫遠離痛苦.

Yesterday, one of the dogs that was staying with us was lame for no reason, she kept picking up her left hind.  We tried to check if it was patella issue and it seemed not to be the case, we also tried to massage her but nothing works ...  we were mystified.

After a few hours she was still lame and was not getting better so I decided to use the Sore No More Gelotion, which was successfully use on horses, dogs and myself, on her.  I massaged her left hind, both knee and muscle very gently, she loved it and she was able to stretch her leg by herself while I do it... then guess what?

After our message, she got up and drank some water, she was no longer lame like before and afterwards she was herself again.  My guess was she pull a muscle and the Sore No More Gelotion and the massage helps the muscle to relax and took the pain away for her.

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