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Shar-Pei Fever, Swollen Hock Syndrome 沙皮熱

沙皮熱係一種遺傳病, 大約20% 的沙皮會有.  主要影響沙皮狗, 但其他狗也可以受影響.  沙皮熱引至後腳踝關節 (hock)腫和發炎, 影響腎臟及其他機能. 

有研究指沙皮熱係同皺紋有關.  發沙皮熱注要原因
- 壓力引起. (第一原因)
- 長期皮膚病
- 甲狀腺功能減退症
- 淋巴有問題

1) 唔食野
2) 打汵震及發熱
3) 口腫, 眼腫
5) 關節僵硬, 唔很放後腳落地
6) 後腿腫脹

因為係 遺傳病, 所以如果有, 只可以减低


1) 勁常用(cooling liniment)
冷卻搽劑搽hock 減少發炎機會 2) 進食漁油, 幫助避免發炎
3) 進食 荷蘭芹增加免免疫能力
4) 好的飲食令身體健康強狀.
5) 加

Shar-Pei Fever, Swollen Hock Syndrome, is a genetic disease and it affects about 20% of Shar Pei.  It mainly affects Shar Pei but it can also affects other dogs. 

Shar-Pei Fever affect the hock area and caused swollen and infection which resulted in damaging kidney and other body functions. 

Some researches find Shar Pei Fever could be caused by the wrinkles.  Shar Pei Fever's causes are believed to be:
- Stress, it is believed to be the number cause of Shar Pei Fever
- Long term skin infections
- Thyroid function disorder
- Lymphedema

1. No appetite
2. Hot but shivering
3. Puffy muzzle and eyes
4. Stiff Joint and unwilling to put hind legs on the ground
5. Hind legs are swollen

Since it is a genetic disease, you can only help reducing the disease occurrence.

You can use these methods to reduce the occurance of Shar Pei Fever
1) Use Cooling Liniment over the hock often to reduce the chance of inflammation 
2) Include Fish Oil in diet reduce inflammation
3) Include Parsley in the diet to help improve overall immune system
4) Improve overall diet to help improve general health
5) Add Kelp to support Thyroid function

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