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Probiotics 益生菌

從狗專家和獸醫你會一次又一次聽到三個字, 益生菌.
The magical word you would hear time and time again from dog experts and vets is, Probiotics.


益生菌是生活在腸內有益的細菌, 益生菌能幫助 控制酵母和有害的細菌以及幫助消化和腸道健康有些補充劑也含有益生元, 益生元能增加 特定有益細菌所需的營養幫肋有益細菌的生存, 如寡糖(低聚果糖) 腹瀉特別有用.
What is Probiotics?
Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines and help control yeast and harmful bacteria, as well as helping with digestion and intestinal health. Supplements that also contain prebiotics, which are foods that nourish the beneficial bacteria themselves, such as FOS (fructooligosaccharides), which is especially helpful to dogs with diarrhea.

  • 抗生素:抗生素摧在腸道裡的友好的細菌
  • 腹瀉/ 軟大便: 腹瀉會冲走友好的細菌.  
  • 手術後: 手術令狗隻緊張及手術用的藥物也會 摧友好的細菌.    
  • 除蟲: 影響友好的細菌生活環境
  • 緊張的情況:旅遊,寄宿,跟主人分開
  • 瘙癢: 這可能食物過敏導致, 益生菌可以幫助 支持消化系統, 減低過敏

  • 過熱
  • 生狗仔
  • 尿道感染 ( 當有尿道感染 有很多生及獸醫都 叫病人食益生菌)

其他問題:膨脹, 食大便, 癌症, 重量變輕, 酵母問題 (酵母繁茂, 酵母感染, 皮疹), 放屁 和口氣味等等.
When do you need it? 
  • Antibiotic:  Friendly bacteria live in the intestines are destroyed whenever antibiotics are given
  • Diarrhea / Loose Stool:  Friendly bacteria can also be flushed out of the system if your dog has diarrhea.   
  • After surgery: Friendly bacteria is destroyed by stressful process and all related medications.
  • Deworming: Affect the environment that the friendly bacteria live
  • Stressful situation: traveling, boarding, away from owners
  • Itching and scratching: This could cause by allergy from food, and probiotics can help to support digestive system
  • Diet Changes
  • Heat Stress
  • Giving birth
  • Urinary tract infections (Many DMs and Vets prescribed Probiotics when there is Urinary tract infections)
Other issues: Bloat, Stool Eating, Cancer, Underweight, Yeast (Yeast Overgrowth, yeast infection, and rash), and Gas and Breath Odor, etc 


繼續長期進食益生菌可以幫助您的狗的消化系統保持在最佳狀態.  能有助消化系統平衡和最優運 作, 恢復正常菌群,支持免疫系統的功能

Probiotics:  After digestion returns to normal, can my dog continue to take probiotics indefinitely?

Taken probiotics regularly can help keep your dog’s digestive system in top shape.  It helps digestive system to be balance and functioning optimally, restore normal flora, and support immune system function.

有好多問題都因腸胃不健康而形成. 好多時 只要改善飲食及腸胃健康就可以同問題講 Bye Bye.   所以首要睇下飲食.

Many health problems started due to poor digestion and these problems can be improved by improving diet and digestion.  So to help your dogs maintaining and/or improving their health, start by looking at their diets first.

Our Pre Probiotics has Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Enzyme
我地Pre Probiotics 內裏有益生, 益生, 及酵素.

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