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Supplements better than medications / 食補充品好過食药

The following article is by Arenus and is translated into Chinese by us

 Advantages of Nutritional Supplements Over Medications for Joint Health in Pets



Researchers estimate that one in five pets suffers from joint problems, and that ratio jumps to eight in 10 among senior canines.  Not surprisingly, joint products are among the most common type of supplement pet parents give.  Pets’ bodies naturally produce substances that make up joint cartilage, connective tissue and lubricating fluids.  But when the body no longer makes enough, joint problems can result.  Nutritional supplements may offer advantages over drugs in supporting joint health in pets.
研究人員估計,五分之一的寵物患有關節問題 (20%),這個比率在高齡犬更高, 十隻就有八隻有關節問題 (80%) 這並不奇怪,關節補充品是最常見父母給寵物食/用的補充品。寵物的身體自然產生的物質,例: 軟骨,結締組織和潤滑液。但是當身體不能再產生足夠的物質,就導致關節問題。 關節健康的營養補充劑可能比藥物吏優勢。

Nutrition Ideal Approach to Support Long-term Joint Health
Nutrition is better positioned to provide your pet with long-term rather than short-term health benefits.  This is because the benefits of nutritional compounds are cumulative. While they initially have only limited effects, significant differences are reached over time as daily effects add up.  Because joint issues are typically long-term challenges for pets, a nutritional approach makes sense. Of course the time required for benefits to be realized will depend upon the active ingredients in the joint supplement, and the concentration or amount given. For example, a joint-health study with the ingredient NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane) in humans found that people felt results in 7-10 days, compared to 6-8 weeks with glucosamine and chondroitin.¹


充促營養是更好的方法來幫您寵物達到長期而不是短期的健康。 這是因為營養成分的好處是可以累積的。 雖然他們最初只有有限的影響,隨著時間, 日常生活的影響加起來會達到顯著分別。 由於關節的問題通常是長期性的,為寵物預備充促營養的做法是有道理的。當然要達到顯著分別, 所需的時間將取決於在關節補充品的有效1) 成分,2) 濃度或 3)量。 例如,與成分NEM®(天然蛋殼膜)在人類的健康關節研究發現,人可以在 7-10天感受到結果相比只服氨基葡萄糖軟骨素就要6-8¹

Joint Supplements Contain Many Active Ingredients

Understanding what is happening inside the unhealthy joint explains another reason nutritional supplements may be particularly helpful for pets.  Joint issues occur primarily through the loss of joint cartilage. Cartilage is the primary weight bearing surface in the joint and acts as a shock absorber, or cushion.  Loss of cartilage leads to narrowing of the space between the bones and increased friction. This combined with inflammation, also present in unhealthy joints, is why dogs can experience discomfort and impaired movement.

Multiple factors contribute to the degradation of cartilage in unhealthy joints. Most joint supplements for pets contain multiple active compounds that support joint health in different and complementary ways. NSAIDs (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) only treat your dog’s pain and inflammation, while a properly formulated nutritional supplement will slow down the onset and progression of joint issues.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) like glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid replenish the naturally-produced joint building blocks in your dog’s joints.  The nutrients calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and vitamin D are required to produce new collagen and bone cells and are critical for normal bone growth and development.  In addition, the minerals zinc, copper, and manganese are antioxidants and promote the normal formation of bone and cartilage.² A complete joint supplement would support joints, as well as bones and other structural elements, for maximum benefit.

了解什麼是不良的關節, 能解釋為甚麼營養補充劑是特別有幫助。 關節問題的發生主要是通過關節軟骨的損失。 關節重量主要是軟骨負重的及軟骨也是減震器。 軟骨的損失,導致骨頭之間的空間縮小令到摩擦加劇。 炎症及不健康的關節並存,是引至狗隻不適和行動回慢

有很多因素促成關節退化及健全關節。 大多數關節補充劑含有活性化合物來支持關節健康以不同或互補的方式.  NSAIDs(非甾體類抗炎藥)只會照顧疼痛和炎症,而不會正確地以營養補充來減慢共同問題的關節問題發生和惡化。


Nutritional Supplements for Pets Regulated and Safe

Finally, nutritional supplements are attractive for supporting joint health in pets also because side effects of medications can be avoided. Long-term pharmacological NSAIDs are associated with significant adverse events or side effects, such as GI upset, ulcers, and cardiovascular events.³ Joint supplements as a whole have been shown to be very safe. In fact, pet supplements are highly regulated, perhaps even more than human nutritional supplements. The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) monitors pet supplements through periodic reviews, inspections and testing. Companies that pass the rigorous testing are allowed to display the NASC Quality Seal on their products. This assures pet parents that the supplement maker has demonstrated “best practices” in manufacturing, labeling and marketing.  Supplements must be produced in a way that ensures quality ingredients, consistency and peace of mind for pet owners.4


最後,營養補充品能有效地支持寵物關節健康,因為可避免藥物的副作用。長期的藥物 NSAIDs 有不良副作用,如胃腸不適,潰瘍,心血管事件³。關節營養補充品是一個整體的聯合補充劑已被證明是非常安全的。事實上,(在美國) 寵物補充劑是有高度管制的,甚至比人類營養補充劑更嚴格。全國動物補編委員會(NASC)監視通過定期審查,檢查和測試的寵物補充。允許公司通過嚴格的測試,以顯示其產品的 NASC 的質量印章。這將保證補充製造商已經證明,在製造,標籤和銷售的最佳做法 (Best Practices) 。補充品必須要是高質量原料及生.

Steadfast Canine 

STEADFAST® is a unique and comprehensive supplement for dogs.  STEADFAST® provides a natural source of supportive nutrients for healthy joint function from:
 1.  Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM®), including glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. 
 2.  In addition, STEADFAST® Canine contains an advanced complex of minerals (TêlaFIRM®) that is a source of zinc, copper and manganese. 

Giving your dog STEADFAST® daily makes sure he gets all the critical components necessary for supporting joint and bone health.


1.  天然蛋殼膜(NEM®內包括葡萄糖,軟骨素,透明質酸關節功能的天然來源。 
2. 此外,堅定®犬包含一個先進複雜的礦物質(TêlaFIRM®)是鋅,銅,錳源。 



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