Monday, February 6, 2012

Health Issues from being overweight 過重會有好多健康問題

Similar to people, when dogs are overweight, there are also loads of health issues that follows.

同人一樣, 過重會有好多健康問題:

Here are some of health issues
- Sugar diabetes / 糖尿病
- High Blood Pressure aka Hypertension / 高血壓
- Heart Diseases / 心臟病
- Liver Diseases/ 肝病
- Damage to Joints, Bones and Ligaments / 關節, 韌帶,及骨病

- Pancreatitis: Obesity predisposes dogs to pancreatitis, and the disease is often more severe in dogs who are overweight. / 炎: 肥的狗易患及比較嚴重
- Difficulty breathing / 呼吸困難
- Skin and Coat problems / 皮膚及毛問題
- Digestive disorder消化問題

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