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HPHs Digest

 Product Highlight
 "Herbivores and omnivores can convert plant based ALA sources to EPA and DHA through a series of enzymatic reactions.  Cats, however, completely lack the enzymes necessary for this conversion, and dogs can only convert approximately 5% to 15% percent of the ALA sources." Dr Chris Bessent

  • Not all oils are the same and suitable.  Your pets need Omega-3 that they can ABSORB and USE.  
  • Unless you are feeding only grass fed meat, you still need to add Omega-3 (non-plant).
  • So get your Omega-3 from Fish Oil, try our CoatPlus


Heart health is vital
– Have heard so many unexpected passing of animals due to heart disease lately.  Looking back to many of these cases, the animals were trying to give many different signals (symptoms) of how unwell they were but these signals were unnoticed. I hope this lore helps some of the pet parents to pick up these signals and manage the disease.  (read more)

Chemical to AVOID – Being able to reduce harmful chemical that your pets are exposed to is a big step towards good Health.  Chemical (both good and bad) is part of our life and is impossible to avoid.  However, learning what are the nasty chemical and trying to avoid them, would be wise.  We are listing some of these nasty chemical in this lore, please feel free to suggest other. (read more)


#Aromatherapy – If you are making your own essential oil mix, please make sure you use the correct oils and your mixes are well and suitably diluted for your animals.  Dogs and cats are very sensitive (especially cats) and misused of essential oils can lead to organ failure.

#Research – A 13 years study on 2,500 retrievers shows dogs neutered early (under 1 year) have higher percentage (8-10%)of sickness (joint and cancer) compared to intact dogs.

#Reaction – Vaccine reaction seems to be more prominent in the summer, it could be because the pets (Cats, Dogs, Horses) are already under stress from the summer heat.

#Food – In Chinese Medicine, we classified food as Yin, Yang or Neutral. Here is a list of **Neutral Meat**:

·         Beef
·         Chicken Eggs (not chicken)
·         Pork
·         Quail
·         Salmon

·     Sardines
·     Tuna (not recommended due to pollution)
·     Mackerel  

#Bowl – Here is a controversial issue: To raise or not to raise? Dogs, cats and horses are all built (evolve) to lower their head to eat and drink. Unless there is medical reason (such as megaesophagus, disc and joint issues, etc..), elevated bowl force them to eat at a non natural position. I am a true believer of Use it or Lose it. Muscle and joints that are not used will disappear or age quicker than they should.  I know many of you have elevated your pet’s bowl and I am sure you have your reason, can you please share why?

The Buttons

#Buttons - The buttons are doing fine.  I have recently purchased 2 pair of Doggles as I heard great  review from friends and Dr Dobias.

The Buttons learnt to not dislike their sunglasses within a few walks,  so when we go hiking in the Fall (it is too hot now), we don’t have to dodge the sun.  

If you are a hiker and are able to train your dogs to wear them, sunglasses is a good idea as it will protect your the eyes from sun damage.   

A little buying tip, when you buy, choose one that allows maximum air flow since it is super hot in Hong Kong.

Until next time!


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