Thursday, September 12, 2013

Very energetic and want to have party at mid-night! 行得跑得跳得!

"10歲的哥基(快)本來一直精力十足,但在七月初診斷有椎間盤突出,曾經有幾日接近半癱,一面吃藥 ,  一面吃 SteadfastGreenMin現在已停藥,仍在吃 SteadfastGreenMin,行得跑得跳得,精力充沛到半夜也要在廳玩。" ~ Kennis, 香港


"My 10 year old Corgi was a very energetic dog.  In July, he was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease and was not able to walk for a few days.  I have given him drug, Steadfast and GreenMin.  Now, we have stopped the drug, he is still on Steadfast and GreenMin.  He runs and jumps, and he is very energetic and want to have party at mid-night.  Thank you. "  ~ Kennis, Hong Kong

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