Tuesday, September 17, 2013

關節炎止痛香薰按摩 Massaged with Arf-ritis Pain Relief

"用左關節炎止痛香薰按摩按咗十分鐘,已經瞓著咗喇~  謝謝你的介紹   

是的,他很快平靜下來後,我開始按摩 分鐘每邊(左和右雙眼緊閉10分鐘後睡得如此甜蜜甚至離開沙發喚醒感謝介紹這個產品希望可以走動舒適很快"

 "Massaged with Arf-ritis Pain Relief for 10 min, my dog zonked-out ~ Thank you!

Yes, he calmed down shortly after I started massaging. I tried five minutes each side (left and right). His eyes closed and slept so tightly after 10 minutes that I dont even want to get myself off the couch and wake him!
Thanks Vego for introducing this product to us. Hope he can walk around more comfortably soon.
" Alice, Hong Kong"

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