Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My whippets love Sore No More 我年老的惠比特犬很愛它


"剛收到不再痛草本按摩液. 我年老的惠比特犬很愛它!  我只需要拿住支按摩液叫一聲,他們就跑過來.  按摩液真正能幫助他們活動更自如及經常面帶微笑. 謝謝"

Her whippets love it. How about yours?

"Just got the spray "sore no more" all natural liniment. My aged whippets love it! All I have to do is grab the bottle and say "who wants medicine" and they come running. It truly helps them get around easier and keep smiling. thank you"  by Sali Peterson

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