Thursday, August 8, 2013

Angel of Mercy 是偉大的花精!Angel of Mercy® is great Stuff!

"Angel of Mercy 是偉大的花精! 我把它放在我的寵物的水盤. 我們有四隻狗和兩隻貓。我注意到一個很大的變化尤其在收養的狗和貓.     令我一直很驚訝的是在一隻非常可愛的貓. 貓貓6歲左右。她一直很害羞及內向,但現在她變得外向好多,並要求大家注意她. 在她的生活中唯一的變化 是加了Angel of Mercy花精. 我肯定會再訂購更多為我的狗和貓. "

"The Angel of Mercy® is great Stuff! I put it in the water dish that my pets share. We have four dogs and two cats. I have noticed a big difference in the rescued dog and I have been really surprised at the change in one of the cats. She is a very sweet cat, about 6 years old. She has always been very shy and private. Recently, however, she became very outgoing and now struts through the house and demands attention from everyone who visits. The only change in her life was the Angel of Mercy®. I will definitely be ordering more for my crew and my customers."    Lisa Von Gontard

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