Monday, August 5, 2013

韌帶損傷撕裂 ACL tear

"我8歳啲黃色拉貝拉多叫Gracie, 佢4歲啲時候交叉韌帶損傷撕裂做了手術。自從做了手術佢多年來逐漸變得更嚴重,並當跟其他狗玩只有幾分鐘便會跛起來。 經過2週用了堅定犬後,她可以與其他狗的奔跑和玩耍亦唔會跛跛下。我對佢活動能力及體力有明顯好轉覺得很驚訝!
"My 8 year old yellow Lab, Gracie had TPL surgery when she was four years old due to an ACL tear. Over the years, she had gradually gotten stiffer and would limp after only a few minutes of play time with the other dogs. After 2 weeks of Steadfast®Canine she can run and play with the other dogs without limping. I am shocked at the difference in mobility and energy level."  -Angie French,O'Fallon, MO

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