Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Works on Chronic Skin Problems 對慢性皮膚問題有效

"當暫養可愛的 Pepe和Charles(她是女孩!), 我已經處理了相當數量的皮膚瘙癢問題.

Charles, 無論出於何種原因,  已經生長了一堆的腫塊在臉上.
癢了她抓及拔除所有的毛皮並出血.  當撫摸Pepe在臉上時, 我注意到Pepe的尾巴也有一些小腫塊. 

可以確定哪些導致他們兩個困擾.  建議 Healing Solution . 哇!   Charles 腫塊沒有及佩佩在好轉. 如果你處理慢性皮膚問題, 這個噴霧絕對值得. "

"While fostering the cuddly Pepe and Charles (she's a girl!) from Moustache Adoptions De Chats Montreal, I've dealt with my fair share of itchy skin problems.

Charles, for whatever reason, had developed a bunch bumps on the face that were so itchy she was scratching all her fur off and was bleeding on and off, and then while petting Pepe, I noticed some small bumps at the base of his tail.

Without an easy way to identify what was plaguing both of them, I was recommended the DDHS Healing Solution. And boy, did it work its magic! Charles’ bumps went away quite quickly after a few applications and Pepe’s are on the mend - this spray is definitely worth looking into for anyone who’s dealing with chronic skin problems. "

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