Thursday, June 27, 2013

Remarkable healing 有顯著的癒合

"腫塊切除手術2天后我開始使用 Healing Solution. 一個傷口已經開始從她偶爾舔而紅色,這兩個傷口在24小時有顯著的癒合及傷口縫合!和乳腺傷口發紅有大幅下降。驚人的結果!謝謝 Dr.Dobias!"

"I started using the Healing Solution 2 days after the lump removal surgeries. One site had already started getting red from her occassional licking. In 24 hrs both sites have had remarkable healing and wound closure!! and the redness of the mammary site has decreased dramatically. Amazing results! Thank you Dr.Dobias!" ~ Jillian Rutledge

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