Thursday, June 27, 2013


Nose-It! 堅不可摧的玩具為您的最具破壞性和你的馬設。

如果你有養拉布拉多犬或其他大型品種,這強硬智能玩具適合你!Nose-It! 將有更多信息!

Nose-It! is an indestructible toy that is made for your most destructive canine and your horse.  

If you are a guidance of a Labrador or other large breed, this indestructible smart-toy is for you! Nose-It! More info coming soon!

Indoors or outdoors, Nose-It!® will keep your animals happy and satisfied focusing their attention on what's inside the Nose-It!™ ball. Nose-It's® unique and distinct patented twelve (12) sided "SLOW-ROLL ONE EDGE AT A TIME" design, prevents it from randomly rolling away.  It is A Toy With Purpose, providing your dog or horse hours of pleasure! 

8" (2.25 lbs) in BLUE or RED - HK$530 (Pre Order at HK$490, ending on July 7th)  MADE IN USA

在室內還是室外,Nose-It! 將保持動物的快樂和滿足他們的注意力集中在 Nose-It!™ 裡面有什麼.  Nose-It ®獨特而鮮明的專利十二(12)一邊倒 "慢搖一次一個邊緣" 設計,防止它滾滾而去. 它是一個玩具提供你的馬歡樂

8"(2.25磅)藍色 紅色 - HK $ 530 (預購 HK $ 490; 7月7日截至) 美國製造

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