Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cat Nap kept everyone calm and peaceful 幫大家保持平靜和安寧


"Cat Nap 〜 我喜歡這個產品,我不能沒有它. 我運輸從收容所救來的貓貓和寄養貓貓,再加上我有一隻新來的貓貓和小貓 .. 噴噴幫助引進新的家庭成員. 大家保持平靜和安寧.....而不是嘶嘶聲和打鬥. 我很喜歡這產品 ...這產品很棒."

"Cat Nap ~ I love this stuff. I go nowhere without it. I transport cats from kill to no kill shelters, plus all my fosters, plus I have one new cat and one new kitten..I spray this around everyday and it has really helped the introduction of the new members of the family. It has kept everyone calm and peaceful.....instead of hissing and fighting. I love this product the is awesome. "

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